Thatcher [‘s Spokesman] thrashes Obama

I for one am SHOCKED that a former Prime Minister has criticised a current President in this way

What can her motives be? Is it constructive criticism aimed at helping Obama, or is she aiming to help the Republicans win in 2012?

Update: As 2 anonymous commentors have pointed out the article I linked to is not actually by Lady Thatcher but a contributor to her website who may not even know her.
I should have made this clearer.
I now have in the title.
I think the story is still interesting, and still wonder if Thatcher will help the Republicans in the 2012 elections. Remember John McCain was photographed with her in 2008 – as was Guliani.


2 Responses to Thatcher [‘s Spokesman] thrashes Obama

  1. Old hobgob says:

    You’ve clearly barely read the story!

  2. dye says:

    I agree the story is mildly interesting but its cleary by a spokesman not Thatcher herself. Idiot.

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