Cheney-Palin Ticket

CNN has an interesting story about former American Vice-President Dick Cheney –
It seems the head of the CIA has hinted that Cheney is cynically hoping for a terrorist attack on American soil to boost his neo-conservative-counter terrorism arguements.

I admit it may be a slightly wildcard suggestion but could Vice-President Cheney be planning to run in 2012?
True he did not run in 2008 but maybe this was because post 2005 he knew the Bush legacy made it impossible to win.
It ’12 Cheney will only be 71 – younger than McCain was last year. And Younger than Regan in 84. And the same age as William Henry Harrison.
And who else have the GOP got. Sarah Palin?
She may be too controversial to win the nomination but the Republican base would love her as VP again to add some glamour to a Cheney headed ticket.
I appreciate Cheney is deeply unpopular – so there’s no way he’d beat Obama-Biden – unless there was a close shave with terrorism – that say the OBiden administration only just foiled – then Cheney might shine…

Stranger things have happened.


2 Responses to Cheney-Palin Ticket

  1. m4k2004 says:

    God help us if this ticket actually does run and help us even more if it actually won. I’d move to Canada….or even Iran for that matter.

  2. Micah says:

    In reply to M4k2004’s comment,

    Way to throw your country under the bus.
    You’d move if you didn’t agree with the leadership? Glad to see that you stick to your guns. What kind of weak willed pushover are you? This is the problem with progressive politics. Be thankful for Obama, and the progress that he has brought. This are historical times. I deplore either of the affore mentioned republicans as much as the next. But seriously? Grow some balls. Make a change, don’t vacate the country. What ever happened to the days of Kennedy? It’s spineless thought process like that which allowed Bush/Cheny to run 2 terms in the first place. Stop passively advocating change and do something about it. Move to Iran? We’d be better off without you.


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