Traffic has slumped

June 18, 2009

After a good start with 61 people viewing the blog on the first day, viewers fell to a smaller but still healthy 16. But the next day they fell to 7.
Today nobody has looked at all.
But I think I’ve got a plan to redress this…


Running Late

June 18, 2009

Only just having lunch!


Experience of Youth

June 17, 2009

One fact worth noting about the current election for speaker of the British House of Commons is the seniority of many of the Candidates.
Sir George Young is 68, Ann Widecombe 61, Richard Shephard 66, Sir James Beith 67, Sir Michael Lord 70, Sir Patrick Cormack also 70, Margaret Becket, 66, and Sir Alan Hazelhurst 72.

Do people think we need a young speaker to engage the youth in politics? John Becow is 46 and Parmjit Dhanda is 38.
Or is a lot of parliamentary experience important? Sir Alan Hazelhurst has been in parliament longer than Mr. Dhanda has been alive!

Maybe after the controversy over Michael Martin stability will be important, with a speaker who can serve for a long period of time, such as Sir Arthur Onslow who held the chair for 33 years.

Mr. Dhanda could do this and retire at 70, but would Sir Alan Hazelhurst still be a good speaker at 105?

MPs alone can judge.

Cheney-Palin Ticket

June 16, 2009

CNN has an interesting story about former American Vice-President Dick Cheney –
It seems the head of the CIA has hinted that Cheney is cynically hoping for a terrorist attack on American soil to boost his neo-conservative-counter terrorism arguements.

I admit it may be a slightly wildcard suggestion but could Vice-President Cheney be planning to run in 2012?
True he did not run in 2008 but maybe this was because post 2005 he knew the Bush legacy made it impossible to win.
It ’12 Cheney will only be 71 – younger than McCain was last year. And Younger than Regan in 84. And the same age as William Henry Harrison.
And who else have the GOP got. Sarah Palin?
She may be too controversial to win the nomination but the Republican base would love her as VP again to add some glamour to a Cheney headed ticket.
I appreciate Cheney is deeply unpopular – so there’s no way he’d beat Obama-Biden – unless there was a close shave with terrorism – that say the OBiden administration only just foiled – then Cheney might shine…

Stranger things have happened.

The final post today on Thatcher

June 15, 2009

I accept that my post stating that Lady Thatcher had ‘thrashed’ President Obama was misleading.
However the underlying truth of Thatcherite inventions in the US political process remains.

An article from the Telegraph records that no less than 3 Republican candidates claimed her endorsement in 2007/8.
Could she endorse Governor Palin in the 2012 race as another strong female leader?

John Bercow pulling ahead?

June 15, 2009

Many commentators are saying Conservative MP John Bercow could win the fight to be Speaker.

Thatcher thrashes U.S.

June 15, 2009

A quick internet search reveals Thatcher once criticised America. To be fair she was only 24 years out in her calculations.